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Veterans, Active Duty Military & Military Reservist often receive a VA Loan Eligibility from the Veteran's Administration that allows you to purchase or refinance an AZ Home with no down payment. There is a VA Funding Fee that is similar to mortgage insurance required by the Veteran's Administration to fund your VA Mortgage. Below are the VA Home Loan Approval Guidelines and Funding Fees requires for a VA Purchase Mortgage, a VA IRRRL Streamline Refinance, and a VA Cash Out Refi. VA Home Buyer resources, websites, and Phone Numbers are also listed below.

VA Purchase Mortgage

A Veteran, Active Duty Military and Military Reservists can purchase a home with a VA Loan in AZ up to $453,100as long as the Veteran still has full entitlement. If a Veteran does not have their full entitlement, he/she may still be eligible for a VA loan that is 4 times their remaining entitlement. Either the Veteran or the Lender can contact the Veterans Administration to obtain a copy of the Veteran's Certificate of Eligibility, (COE).

VA IRRRL Streamline Refinance

The IRRRL Streamline Refinance allows an existing VA borrower to reduce their interest rate or mortgage term, without having to verify income, assets or property value. No Income or assets are listed on 1003, but the borrower's employment and job title are required to be listed on the loan application. Employment is verbally verified, but no income figures are required. Additionally, no property Appraisal is required. The value used is based on the prior loan amount. Note a VA Certificate of Eligibility, (COE) is not required for a IRRRL, nor is an Appraisal or AVM. We only need a copy of your current VA Mortgage Note, to Payoff the existing loan. We also will require a new Title Report to ensure the old Mortgage Note is paid off, recorded and released. The new Note will also be recorded in Arizona.

An IRRRL is a VA-guaranteed loan made for refinancing an existing VA-guaranteed loan. Generally you will want to refinance your existing VA Mortgage into a lower VA interest rate. In most cases, no Appraisal, Credit, or underwriting is required for a VA IRRRL Loan Approval.

VA IRRRL Product Highlights

  • No minimum FICO credit score required if no late payments in past 6 months†
  • No income documentation required*
  • No Appraisal required
  • Condos must be VA approved and meet all requirements
  • Loan programs available: 30, 25, 20 & 15 Year Fixed Rates
† Applicable only for FHA Streamlines and VA IRRRL's with no late payments for 6 months.
*Only applies if monthly principal & interest payment does not increase 20% or more. Verbal verification of income source is required.

VA Cash Out Refinance

VA Cash Out Refinance Loans in Arizona are underwritten like VA Purchase Loans, and require the same documentation. The list of paperwork required to procure a VA Cash Out Refinance follows: Two recent consecutive pay stubs, 2 most recent W2's, and/or signed 1040 Tax Returns, Two most recent Bank and Investment Account Statements all pages, your current Mortgage Statement, Homeowner's Insurance Dec Page, and a copy of your (COE) "Certificate of Eligibility" & DD214.

VA Funding Fees

Veteran or Active Duty 1st Time User Funding Fee 2.15%
Veteran or Active Duty Subsequent User Funding Fee 3.30%
Reservist 1st Time User Funding Fee 2.40%
Reservist Subsequent User Funding Fee 3.30%
Streamline Refinance IRRRL Funding Fee 0.50%
Veterans Receiving Disability Comp VA Funding Fee Waived

VA Certificate of Eligibility - COE

Veterans may also apply for a COE online at We may need your COE as Proof of your VA Mortgage Eligibility. Veterans with VA Eligibility are still required to qualify for a VA Mortgage, based on Income, Credit, Assets, and Property Type. 

If a Veteran has used their VA Entitlement, and it has not yet been restored, the available entitlement is reduced by the amount previously used on their prior loan(s). The veteran can apply for VA Entitlement Restoration 

Form (DD-214), the "Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty," contains all the information needed for the VA to make an eligibility determination for persons who served in a regular component of the Armed Forces.

Active Duty Veterans should request a "Statements of Service," on military letterhead. The statement of service must clearly show: • the veteran’s full name, • the veteran's Social Security Number (SSN), or the last 4 digits of SSN, • the entry date on active duty, • the duration of lost time, if any, and • the name of the command providing the statement.  

Typically, all members of the Military Reserves and/or Guard receive an annual retirement points summary which indicates the level and length of participation. The applicant should submit the latest such statement received, along with evidence of honorable service.

VA Cash Out refinance Loans in AZ .are underwritten like a VA purchase loans and requires the same documentation required, as when purchasing a home with a VA loan. These Items include: Two recent consecutive pay stubs, 2 most recent years' W2's and/or 1040 Tax Returns, Two most recent bank and investment account statements with all pages, current mortgage statement, homeowner's insurance Dec Page, copy of (COE) "Certificate of Eligibility" & DD214.

Loan Application

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