Preliminary Mortgage Approval

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What's A Mortgage Prequal Letter?

It's important to have a Prequal Letter before beginning to shop for your AZ Home. Why? Because both you and the property seller will feel more confident with your purchase offer if you are prequalified for your mortgage! Additionally, you will be able to close on your home in 30 days or less. Also, you will know how much of a loan you qualify for, along with the associated mortgage payment, and out of pocket expenses, including your down payment, closing costs, prepaids, impounds and escrows. Give us a call today, and we will walk you through the mortgage prequalification process quickly: (480) 424-7144.

The mortgage prequalification process includes an initial consultation where we discuss your specific objectives, and what the best way to accomplish them is. We also review your expected purchase price and loan amount, along with the pluses and minuses of the different mortgage Home Loans Available. Whether you need a Conventional Mortgage Refinance, a Jumbo Mortgage Loan, or an FHA Purchase Loan or Streamline Refinance, we are here to help you save.

The next step in the mortgage prequalification process is to discuss your personal finances, including your income, assets, liabilities, housing expenses, and Credit Scores. Then we will issue a mortgage prequalification letter that can be updated, based on the specific details of your purchase, refinance, or cash out mortgage loan. 

Typically it's also a good idea to run your Credit Report, and complete a Loan Application. This will allow us to provide you with a fast automated mortgage approval, based on Conventional, FHA, and/or VA mortgage approval requirements.The automated loan approval will also provide us with a Mortgage Needs List of specific documentation, required to procure your final underwritten mortgage Approval.

Mortgage Prequal Power!

After you find the AZ Home you want, the next step is to write a Purchase Offer. This is where your prequalification letter will give you a competitive advantage. First, you will know your actual figures, and how much money you can afford to borrow. Second, you will have a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter that will let the property seller and real estate agent know you are already prequalified. The property seller will realize you are a serious home buyer, and you are well on your way to closing your loan on time. Third, if there are multiple purchase offers on the same AZ Home, the property seller will likely accept your offer over others, because you are prequalified for your mortgage, and you are prepared to close on your Home early. Finally, Prequalified Homebuyers usually Save Time and Money when Buying an AZ Home, as he or she knows the specific costs, knows which costs are negotiable, and knows how to best structure a purchase offer.

If you have questions about Buying Your AZ Home, give me a call now: (480) 424-7144, or learn more about the Mortgage Loan Approval Process at our AZ Affordable Home Mortgage Page.

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