Mortgage Application Needs List:

 Paystubs 30 days recent consecutive _____
 W2’s 2 most recent years _____
 1040’s 2 most recent years with all schedules _____
 Independent Contract or Commissions require 1099’s _____
 Bonus or Car Allowance requires employer proof of receipt and continuance _____
 If > 25% owner in Corporation or Partnership may need 2 years 1120’s, K1’s & YTD P&L _____
 Social Security or Pension requires awards Letters & 2 month’s proof of receipt _____
 Rental Property current lease & mortgage statement w/ HOI Dec page & Prop Taxes _____
 If child support or spousal maintenance used, copy of divorce decree, property settlement & 12+ mo. proof of receipt via bank statements or court printout _____

 Checking, Savings, Investment & Retirement accounts require 2 recent consecutive Statement all pages _____
 Large Deposits > 50% of monthly income requires source of funds documentation
 Automobile year, make and model _____
 Gift Funds from family member or close family friend requires a Gift Letter and proof of deposit from donor to home buyer _____
 401K loan requires acceptable terms of withdrawal w/ copy of terms & proof of receipt _____

Credit: Inquiries in past 90 days require LOX stating if account opened, if yes statement _____
 Adverse Credit (Liens, Judgments, Collections & Late Payments) require LOX and proof of satisfaction, release, or acceptable payment agreement _____
 Bankruptcy or Foreclosure in past 7 years require a LOX & copy Bankruptcy papers _____

Property: Mortgage Statement showing current terms _____
 Home Owner’s Insurance Statement showing payment & Agent contact number _____

Purchase Loan:
 Purchase contract and addenda signed and dated by home buyer and seller _____
 Earnest Money Check and Receipt _____
 Subject property Plano i.e., MLS printout _____
 If home is for sale, copy of current Listing Agreement _____
 If home sold, copy of final Hud1 Closing Statement Aka Closing Disclosure _____

Miscellaneous: Driver’s License or Arizona State Photo ID front & back legible e.g. enlarged or lightened _____
 Resident Alien Green Card front & back legible e.g. enlarged or lightened on copier _____

Basic Pre-Approval

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