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Jumbo Mortgage Rates Assume $453,100 Purchase Loan, 740 Credit Score & 75% LTV. * Click to View Today's Low Jumbo Mortgage Rates & APR's

Low Jumbo Mortgage Rates For AZ Homes. Great 30 Fixed & Hybrid Arm Jumbo Loan Rates! Call Local AZ Mortgage Expert Steve Bernstein Today & Save! (480) 424-7144

Jumbo Loans - Low Rates

Low Jumbo Mortgage Rates 
are available for Buying, Refinancing, or Taking Cash Out of Your AZ Home. Our Jumbo Mortgage Rates are very comparable to our Conventional rates, and are priced based on property value, loan amount, and credit score. Jumbo Loans are required for loan amounts greater than $453,100, and are available for loan amounts up to $3,000,000. Loan to values go up to 80% with a 720 credit score, 75% with a 700 credit score, and 70% with a 680 credit score.If you would like to discuss your jumbo mortgage needs, Call Local AZ Jumbo Mortgage Expert Steve Bernstein Direct & Save! (480) 424-7144. Learn More About Us at Arizona Central Mortgage Site Map

Jumbo Piggy Back Loans    

Jumbo Piggyback Loans combine two loans to reduce your required down payment, and eliminates monthly mortgage insurance. If you would like to compare Jumbo Piggyback Loan Terms to your current Jumbo Home Loan, Call Local AZ Jumbo Mortgage Expert Steve Bernstein Today & SAVE. (480) 424-7144  

Portfolio Jumbo Loans

Portfolio Jumbo Loans provide even more flexibility for borrowers with loan amounts greater than $453,100. These Jumbo mortgage loans allow higher Debt to Income ratios, and/or recent adverse credit events. Portfolio Jumbo Loans also allow you to average 12 to 24 months of bank statement deposits to calculate your income. If you would like to review your specific jumbo mortgage requirements, Call Local AZ Jumbo Mortgage Expert Steve Bernstein Direct to Save! (480) 424-7144

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