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Use the Freddie Mac Home Price Index tool located below, to determine your approximate az home value. This is not a home Appraisal, but is a home value tool that uses historical appreciation rates for AZ home sales, to estimate current az home values.
You can also check out zillow or trulia to find az home values in the specific neighborhood you are buying or selling your az home.
To use Freddie Mac's home value tool below, the first step is to input your original purchase price, and the date you purchased your AZ home. Then the Freddie Mac home value estimator will provide you with your AZ home value estimate. 

Another good resource for determining Arizona real estate values is the FHFA, Federal Housing Finance Agency YouTube channel that updates home values quarterly. Additionally, Trulia and Zillow provide a home value estimate tool to use for buying or selling an AZ home.   

Arizona Real Estate Report 2017

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