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1. 0% Down Payment for Veterans Loans 580 Credit Score.
2. 1.5% Down loan up to $294,500 with 630 Credit Score for Homes located in: Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Surprise, Fountain Hills, Ahwatukee & Tucson. Call for Details (480) 424-7144

3. 3% Down 620 credit score with discounted rates, and No mortgage Insurance option.
4. 3.5% Down FHA Loans w/ low rates and 600 Credit Score, even if 2 years out of bankruptcy, or 3 years from foreclosure. FHA Maximum Loan $294,515
5. 5% Down Conventional Loans requires 620 Credit Score, Low Mortgage Rates to $453,100 
6. 10% Down Purchase with 580 Credit Score.
7. Lot's of Loan Discounts
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Cash Out Mortgage Loans:

1. Cash out for Primary Residence up to 80% LTV w/ a 640 Credit Score & $453,100 max loan.
2. Cash out 85% of property value, typically requires a 620 credit score.
3. Cash out VA Loans up to 100% of property value typically require a 620 credit score.  
4. Cash out Jumbo loan to 90% of Home Value with 720 Credit Score up to $2,500,000. Also allows 80% Cash Out for 2nd homes, Investment Property, 2 - 4 Units.
5. Cash out Subprime loan with prior bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale in past 24 months up to 80% loan to value, requires 12 months PITI + HOA in reserves.
6. Cash Out 90% Loan To Value Primary Residence up to $750,000 w/ 700 credit score & $1,500,000 with a 730 credit score.
7. Cash Out Second Home 85% Loan To Value up to $1,275,000 requires 730 mid credit score.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans:

1. Low 30 Year Fixed Jumbo Rates For Buying, Refinancing or Cash Out Loans
2. Jumbo Hybrid Arm's Provide Even Lower Rates: 5/1, 7/1 & 10/1 
3. 9
0% LTV Jumbo Purchase or Refinance No Mortgage Insurance requires 720 credit scores
4. 80/10/10 Piggy & 80/15/5 Piggy available to eliminate mortgage insurance.
5. Cash out to 95% with 760 credit score.
6. Portfolio Loans from A to D Credit Scores allow recent Bankruptcy or Foreclosure, &/or Bank Statements used to verify income.

Subprime Mortgage Loans:

1. Two years out of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short Sale with 90% LTV. Higher loan amounts to $2,000,000 also available. Program has option for Primary Residence and 2nd Home Purchase, Refinance, or Cash Out Refinance with credit score as low as 640. Call for loan to value and interest rate details.
2. 95% LTV 2 years out of Bankruptcy or Foreclosure with 720 FICO credit score and 6 months mortgage payments in reserves. Call for details on "Reduced Documentation" Primary and Second home Purchase, Refinance and Cash out Refinance home loans.
3. Purchase, Refinance, or cash out loans with 540 FICO credit score and recent mortgage lates are available too.This loan does require extra reserves, and additional equity.
4. Subprime loans 1 day out of Bankruptcy or Foreclosure are also available at increased rates and loans to value. 

Miscellaneous Mortgage Loans:

1. Foreign National with valid passport & visa requires a 70% LTV up to a $650,000 loan. Also need strong credit scores & reserves. If no US Credit score, credit is pulled in country of origin.
2. Non Resident Alien w/ professional work visa is eligible for 95% loan w/ low mortgage rates, as long as borrower has two year employment history.
3. No Cost Refinance mortgage loans now available.
4. No Cost Purchase Mortgage programs also available.
5. No Mortgage Insurance purchase and refinance loans available.
6. No Escrow Account Mortgage Loans available.
7. Conventional Investment Property Loans to 85% of property value available.
8. Conventional Second Homes to 90% LTV.
9. Manufactured Home Loans available with 3.5% down payment if Built after 1976, double wide, and permanently affixed with concrete piers or concrete slab foundation. $80,000 minimum manufactured home loan amount.  
10. Numerous discounts available for Title Company Costs, Appraisal Costs, Credit Report Costs, Mortgage Insurance Costs, and Escrow Costs.

Commercial Loans:

1. $200,000 to $5,000,000 requires solid credit scores, and experience, up to 80% LTV, with 30 year fixed amortized term usually available.
2. Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Restaurants, Storage, etc.
3. Rates are higher than Agency, but lower than Hard Money.
4. Purchase, Refinance & Cash Out options available. 


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