AZ Docless Mortgage Loan

Arizona Central Mortgage is now offering a new Docless Mortgage Loan that reduces the amount of paperwork required for a rapid mortgage Approval.

Once you complete the online loan application and disclosure forms, We do the rest! Instead of providing Pay Stubs, Bank Statements, W2's & Tax Returns, we use our automated online resources to verify your financials. This process reduces the amount of time required for Mortgage Approval, ultimately Saving You Thousands of Dollars!

Our Docless AZ Mortgage Loan, often waives the need for a Home Appraisal on 33% of our refinance loans. And when the Appraisal is Waived, You Save Even More Time & Money! And for borrowers with credit scores above 720, we do not require an Escrow Account for AZ Property Taxes, or Homeowner's Insurance.

So give us a call today for Your Low AZ Mortgage Rates, and Reduced Documentation Loan! We can then provide you with Your Preliminary Mortgage Approval in 24 Hours or less, and Close Your AZ Purchase or Refinance, in 30 Days or Less!
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Using our online loan application, you can take your time and complete your application whenever it's convenient for you. And, you can always save your work and come back and complete it later if you need to.

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