Credit Lifter Mortgage

Arizona Central Mortgage is pleased to announce our new Credit Lifter Mortgage Loan. Whether you're Buying, Refinancing, or Taking Cash Out of Your AZ Home, this mortgage saves many thousands of dollars. What is The Arizona Credit Lifter Mortgage?

One of our experienced mortgage professionals will review your credit report for potential changes that will increase your credit score, potentially lowering your AZ Mortgage Rate, and monthly mortgage payment. Although the Credit Lifter Mortgage can take an extra week to complete, we will still close your loan in 30 days or less. 

Additionally, we will not waste your time with frivolous analysis. If we don't see a bonafide opportunity to improve your mortgage rate, we can still provide you with Low Az Mortgage Rates, along with strategies that will maximize your ​savings! 

Call today to review your specific circumstances, so we can help you structure a mortgage to save you more time and money! (480) 424-7144 ~ 
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